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Benefits of TEFL Accreditation

International TEFL Accreditation Council

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Full Accreditation Certificate & Seal
Continuous Improvement of your Educational Standards
Verification of your Institution’s Accreditation Status
International Accreditation and Recognition
International Benchmark in Education Standards

TEFL Accreditation Certificate & Seal

Firstly, upon receiving Full Accreditation, the Institute will get a Full Accreditation Certificate & Seal that your Institute can use to promote on several mediums including your website, official documents and marketing collaterals.



Verification of TEFL Accreditation

Furthermore, ITEFLAC will verify your institution’s accreditation status, good standing and adherence to global standards of excellence. ITEFLAC will answer all third-party queries regarding your institution’s accreditation status. Also, a dedicated accreditation consultant will be available to support you with your queries.


Benefits of TEFL TESOL Accreditation

As a fully accredited Institute, you will receive ITEFLAC accreditation. This will ensure that your educational programs are on par with global standards. ITEFLAC accreditation is a testament to the quality of education you deliver. This will enable you to enjoy a competitive edge over all regional and international institutes.

Improvement of TEFL Standards

ITEFLAC will send its recommendation reports at regular intervals to enhance your Institute's educational practices and standards. Also, a dedicated accreditation consultant will be available to support you with your queries.



International TEFL Accreditation

ITEFLAC's accreditation enhances your institution's profile on an international level, ensuring that the educational programs your institution offers are recognized and accepted globally. When you receive ITEFLAC's accreditation, your institution will be able to enjoy record student enrolments, and leading national and multinational organizations the world over will accept the qualifications you offer.