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Terms and Conditions

It is understood that all users of our website and related accreditation services have read, understood and accepted all terms and conditions as laid out below:


ITEFLAC’s initial evaluation fee is US$750 irrespective of the number of courses a provider or institution offers.

An initial non-refundable accreditation fee of US$250 is payable after completion of Stage 1 of the accreditation process. On receipt of the initial non-refundable accreditation fee of US$250, the institution will be awarded provisional accreditation status. The outstanding accreditation fee of US$500 is payable on the award of full accreditation status.

An annual accreditation fee of US$250 is payable for each franchise of an accredited institution. Franchises must submit an application form and be listed on the ITEFLAC website.

Submission of documentation

An institution has 60 days to submit documentation (in support of their application for accreditation – Stage 2) after the award of provisional accreditation status. Failing to meet this deadline will result in forfeiture of the initial non-refundable accreditation fee of US$250.

Each document/file submitted must be named according to its corresponding category and number as per checklist – for example – ‘Copy or example of enrolment form’ > should be named H57 and so on. This will assist us with cross-referencing.

Accreditation validity and exclusions

Initial accreditation is valid for one year and is renewable on an annual basis for a fee of US$750 irrespective of the number of courses a provider or institution offers. This fee is payable on the anniversary of initial accreditation.

An institution may opt out of the renewal of their accreditation. If an institution does not choose to renew its accreditation for a further year, then the listing of that institution will be removed from the ITEFLAC website. The institution will also be required to remove all reference to ITEFLAC accreditation from their website, marketing materials and certificates – including logos, links and banners.

Accreditation and the benefits derived therefrom are attached to a particular provider and location. The set of key performance indicators (Standards & Evidence) assessed during the accreditation process relate to the governance and procedures of a particular institution. Accreditation of an institution, therefore, does not transfer/extend to its partners or affiliates. Under no circumstances may the partners or affiliates of an accredited member assume ITEFLAC accreditation or display our logos. Affiliates and partners of accredited members must apply for separate accreditation from ITEFLAC.

An accredited member with franchises must register these franchises with the International TEFL Accreditation Council if it is intended that these franchises are to carry ITEFLAC accreditation. These franchises must complete and submit an ITEFLAC application form. These franchises will then be listed separately on the ITEFLAC website. A franchise does not have to submit supporting documentation as franchises are expected to adopt the governance and policies of the accredited member. An annual accreditation fee is payable for each registered franchise.

Code of Professional Practice

Accredited members of the International TEFL Accreditation Council agree to abide by the ITEFLAC’s Code of Professional Practice. Gross misconduct of an accredited member may lead to the withdrawal of accreditation without compensation.

Dispute resolution

If a student or graduate makes a complaint about an institution, they will be advised to first contact the institution directly to ensure that all means have been attempted to resolve the matter according to the institution’s own complaints or grievance’s procedure. If the dispute remains unresolved and the student believes the institution has not complied with their policies and procedures, then the student will be asked to forward all evidence relating to the complaint or grievance via email to the ITEFLAC office. If the evidence provided is believed to require further investigation, ITEFLAC will contact the institution directly to try and resolve the matter.

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