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TEFL Evaluation Council Members

International TEFL Accreditation Council

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ITEFLAC is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of TEFL/TESOL organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, ITEFLAC grants accreditation to TEFL/TESOL course providers.

TEFL Evaluation Council & Members

TEFL Evaluation Council Members

ITEFLAC’s success lies essentially in its professional and experienced Evaluation Council Members, who are responsible for providing relevant information about the benefits of international accreditation to TEFL/TESOL education providers and institutions worldwide. Coming from varied professional backgrounds, these members are administrators, faculty members, researchers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, experts and leaders in their fields. They are further trained by ITEFLAC Council staff to employ ITEFLAC’s International accreditation standards in evaluating quality practices for TEFL/TESOL educational institutions and institutions.

As Evaluation Council Members of ITEFLAC, they enjoy the privileges and benefits associated with the title and also get the opportunity to interact with a diverse community of accreditation and professionals in their respective region around the world.

Meet our Evaluation Council Members and Advisors:

  • Eric Holtz MBA, MEd, CELTA

Eric has been involved in both business and education for more than 25 years. His business credentials are varied and he has taught in International schools abroad. He has extensive experience in learning strategies, assessment and accreditation.

  • Michele Booyzen H.D.E./BA.Ed, RemEd (SA), QTS (London)

Michele is the owner and founder of Targeted Remedial Tutoring and has been involved in teaching since the late 1980’s. Michele has taught in and been Principal of many International schools in many different countries. She has been instrumental in the accreditation of International schools in Dubai and Qatar. Michele brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge.

  • Deon Aurets

Deon is qualified by the SA Bureau of Standards for implementation and evaluating quality management systems. He is a quality assurance expert with many years of experience in implementing quality controls and strategies in various industries. He has been responsible for writing the quality control manuals for ISO 9001 and the implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS).

  • Andrew McDonald

Andrew’s diversified executive management abilities and international business experience have enabled him to hone his skills at leading and supporting a strong portfolio of key customers across the globe. Having single handily researched, developed, launched and then marketed his own medical aid option in conjunction with Fedsure Health’s (Pty) Ltd administration, he learnt very quickly how to achieve revenue targets through effective selling and key management relationships. Throughout his unique business ventures, his main responsibilities had to include business developments within local and regional communities through approaches to businesses and government bodies where he worked to provide a service designing, proposing, negotiating and agreeing on terms of business with all key contacts and regulatory organizations.

  • Elizabeth Regina BA (PR), Cert.TESOL

Elizabeth is a member of our advisory support team. Elizabeth is a qualified TEFL/TESOL teacher and tutor with extensive experience and currently lives in Europe.

TEFL Educational Members

ITEFLAC is a global accreditation association for the TEFL/TESOL education industry. Members include TEFL/TESOL institutes, corporations and schools that work or connect with the TEFL/TESOL education industry for prolonged quality education.

As an educational member of ITEFLAC, you are recognized as a part of the world’s network of TEFL/TESOL course providers, all of which are focused on advancing quality education. Whether you are an institute, corporation or school seeking to build collaborative relationships or planning to pursue accreditation, ITEFLAC membership is an essential component to your success. In addition, your institution will have access to a wealth of educational and benchmarking resources specifically designed for academic enhancement and faculty.

Accredited by ITEFLAC

ITEFLAC has helped a number of TEFL/TESOL course providers around the world with its international accreditation services.

ITEFLAC grants accreditation to TEFL/TESOL course providers after evaluating their educational system through its unique accreditation process. The programs of the TEFL/TESOL providers are assessed on the ITEFLAC standards of the global best practices in Organizational Management, Academic Management and Institutional Performance. TEFL/TESOL providers are awarded accreditation after evaluating their business management practices. International TEFL Accreditation Council (ITEFLAC) is an accreditation agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of TEFL/TESOL course providers all over the world.

Evaluation Council Members